Actor / Voice Artist

Happy 2018 dear ones,

I hope this year is filled with joy, love, passion, creativity and gentle evolution for all of us.  I am looking forward to many more wonderful stories to share and getting to spend time with many of you.

Be kind to yourself, your loved ones and strangers.  We are all creating this world and our reality together.

Thank you for being a fan, a colleague, an inspiration to me always.

Happy Listening!

Traci O.

Kylie Rhoads risked life and limb to rescue a girl, thrusting the Dauntless and its crew in the middle of an interstellar tug of war. Now, running from Silstrand Alliance, the Gedri Freedom Federation, and The Black Crow, Kylie fights against the very thing she set out to save.

Advanced nano-technology is slowly changing her body and rewriting her brain - a process she may not survive. The nanotech is priceless, and some people - maybe even some in her crew - would kill to sell her out.

But before Kylie goes down in a blaze of glory, she'll risk it all one more time to do the one thing she promised to do: find Nadine and free her from the bounty hunter who's holding her prisoner.

What Kylie doesn't know is that she has more enemies than she ever imagined, and their number is growing daily. Every one of them will do whatever it takes to ensure the others don't gain her advanced nanotech.

Even if it means all out war.

From New York Times best-selling author, Deanna Chase, the eighth book in the Jade Calhoun series.

Between enjoying her first pregnancy and helping her two besties plan their weddings, Jade Calhoun's life is just about perfect. But when two novice magical TV stars walk into her life, suddenly her magic goes haywire. Is the pregnancy causing her power to fizzle, or is it something else?

Now with her empath abilities on the fritz, a newbie TV witch in need of instruction, and a sinister evil lurking in the background, Jade must find a way to navigate her new and unusual powers, keep her unborn child safe, and somehow save everyone she loves and the city of New Orleans... again.