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"They" say...

Audiofile Magazine:  

"...versatile and skilled at portraying 

memorable characters and making them 


Audiofile Magazine:  

"Traci Odom's narration style is one of 

high-quality  invisibility. Her technique 

is sort of like air--a crucial thing..."

NY-Times Bestselling Author Robyn Peterman:  

"Magically delicious!"


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AND SOME Science Fiction / Paranormal / Fantasy

PLUS SOME Mysteries & Thrillers

About Me

I just have to laugh, as after many years as an on-camera actor, I have stumbled gracefully into the creative career of my dreams as an audiobook narrator and voice-artist.  As a veteran of stage, film and television, I have played everything from a tree to an Irish Setter to a lawyer, but as a narrator of more than 320 audiobooks I have expanded that repertoire to include dragons, trolls, witches and devilishly handsome humans.  Welcome to my world of romance, witchcraft, devilry and often a tempting bite of vampirism. 

(Pun fully and delightfully intended!)

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