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"They" say...

Audiofile Magazine:  

"Odom's steady pace enhances the atmospheric tone of the narrative.

Her emotional connection with Kate and Judith, along with her

warm and appealing voice, keep listeners hooked."


"Odom excels at Irish accents...Odom's outstanding

narration keeps listeners engaged."

"...versatile and skilled at portraying 

memorable characters and making them 



"Traci Odom's narration style is one of 

high-quality  invisibility. Her technique 

is sort of like air--a crucial thing..."


NY-Times Bestselling Author Robyn Peterman:  

"Magically delicious!"


Touch of Ice - Audiobook.jpg
Left Behind.jpg







AND SOME Science Fiction / Paranormal / Fantasy

PLUS SOME Mysteries & Thrillers

About Me

I just have to laugh, as after many years as an on-camera actor, I have stumbled gracefully into the creative career of my dreams as an audiobook narrator and voice-artist.  As a veteran of stage, film and television, I have played everything from a tree to an Irish Setter to a lawyer, but as a narrator of more than 350 audiobooks I have expanded that repertoire to include dragons, trolls, witches and devilishly handsome humans.  Welcome to my world of romance, witchcraft, devilry and often a tempting bite of vampirism. 

(Pun fully and delightfully intended!)

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